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2 days ago Astrologer reveals where YOU should travel in based on your zodiac sign to travel; Revealed each traveller type, including Sagittarius being 'ultimate . December 22 - January 19 . Kate Kelly and Robin Pogrebin are the authors of the new book in which the allegation is described for the first time.

Welcome from Joe Albano.

If you would like to return it to its original condition, it can be entirely torn down and rebuilt, brick by brick, clay liner by clay liner. As you have probably guessed, this alternative is impractical, messy, time consuming, and as much as 15 times more expensive. Payment in full is required upon job completion for all services. Every project in unique. NECS accepts cash or checks for payment. Sorry, but we do not accept credit cards.

This keeps things simple for us, and keeps costs lower for you. You will always know the exact cost of any job before we begin. However, most of the time, we will do your work from start to finish without asking or a penny up front. Our customers are good people and consistently pay on time; and we trust them! We do ask that you bear in mind and take very seriously that we will be expecting payment in full on the day of job completion. Whether your job is small or large, we will have, by completion, invested at least our time in it.

In many cases, where materials have been used, we have already paid for them by the time they arrive at your home. Facebook RSS. Welcome from Joe Albano.

Visit our Greetings from the Owner page for our business philosophy and offered services. Wait: read first! If you have been solicited by another company — even with a name similar to ours — it is NOT us. Featured Services.

Having an animal in your chimney when uncapped is no small thing. We will otherwise offer measures to correct any defects. Measure for chimney cap — provide price quote. Masonry repair of exterior portion of chimney — provide price quote. Flue liner replacement services sometimes requires inside access or photo of boiler room — provide price quote. Across the board, we see chimney leaks coming from five main sources: 1. Water vapor from high efficiency heating system condenses back to water droplets before escaping the chimney Answers to those issues are: 1.

Installation of stainless steel flue liner Water leaks are the most difficult chimney problems we are asked to solve. Waterproofing Prices. Products and Services that Last Our stainless steel liners and chimney caps are built to last and we only choose companies who stand behind their products. Frequently Asked Questions. What is included in a Fireplace Cleaning?

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They are: Firebox Damper Smoke Chamber Flue Chimney cap if there is one Described another way, we clean all of the surface that become soot-coated during FP usage, from the floor of the Fireplace to the top of the chimney. What is the procedure for a Fireplace flue cleaning? Please note that every FP is different and cleaning techniques are adjusted accordingly: The work area in front of the fireplace is protected using drop cloths and cardboard panels.

A special vacuum runs during the entire cleaning process to ensure total dust control.

The flue is swept from the rooftop down or the bottom up, depending upon many factors such as roof access, damper type, weather conditions, etc. It will be 15 to 35 feet in height in the homes we generally work in. Cleaning the flue is achieved using brushes and rods. The damper door is disconnected from its controller and removed from its frame in the throat of the FP. This allows for complete cleaning of the damper as well as access to to the smoke chamber and shelf.

The smoke chamber is whip-cleaned, scraped, brushed. This mysterious sounding area is the bell-shaped passage that funnels smoke from the top of the firebox waist-height to the bottom opening of the flue typically about ceiling height in the Fireplace room. It is also the most difficult area to clean and the reason we clean chimneys slower than anyone!

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The firebox is wire-brushed and vacuumed. Soot and creosote that have been extracted from the flue and smoke chamber are now brought into the firebox, bagged and removed from the work area. When all cleaning work has been completed, the damper door is re-installed and tested. With everything done, we tidy up the work area and remove our equipment. Other than a clean chimney, the customer should find it hard to tell that work had ever been done in their living room! What is NOT included in a Fireplace cleaning? The Ash Pit is not included! Some homes with Fireplaces also have an ash pit located just below the FP floor.

An ash pit may be small, medium or large. There is often an Ash Pit cleaning access door located in the cellar directly below the Fireplace. It may contain one or two bags or ash, or twenty five!

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Note: Customers wishing to have Northeast Chimney Sweeps clean their Ash Pit may request this as a springtime only service. How often should I have my chimney cleaned? Rule of thumb in cleaning frequencies are listed below: Wood burning stove — Yearly Fireplace — 2 — 3 years depending upon how much you burn Oil burner — 5 years inspected every 3 Most gas-fired heating does not produce soot, but its flue should still be checked for flue deterioration and debris regularly; about every years.

How many flues does my chimney have? Do I need to have all of my flues cleaned at once? A good oil company cleans the internal parts of your furnace or boiler. A better oil company might also clean your furnace smoke pipe. The best oil companies know to refer you to the experts at Northeast Chimney Sweeps. Look at some of the top companies recommending Northeast Chimney Sweeps! Additionally, all wood-burners should observe the following rules: Burn clean, seasoned hardwoods avoid pine. Check it often. You will be tempted to run it too low.

A good temperature is degrees.

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When you start your fire, let the chimney warm up gradually. Shocking it can crack the inner brickwork or clay liner. This is not a light or superficial vibe, Gemini - especially when it comes to your workplace and relationships with colleagues.