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2 days ago Astrologer reveals where YOU should travel in based on your zodiac sign to travel; Revealed each traveller type, including Sagittarius being 'ultimate . December 22 - January 19 . Kate Kelly and Robin Pogrebin are the authors of the new book in which the allegation is described for the first time.

Our motivations are high, but our temper short. Breathe deep, smile wide, and let the short-lived mood shift pass. A Sun Sextile Neptune transit on the 4th helps us tune into our innate psychic senses. Romantic relationships thrive from the intuitive connection we have with our lover. If single, extreme sensitivity makes it easier to connect with a potential mate. People will seem transparent now. The New Moon Enters Capricorn on the 6th.

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New projects in business become our focus. Our organizational skills make it simple to map out our plan from point A-to-B-to-C. We have a deeper sense of community. On the 8th, a Jupiter Square Neptune transit turns to challenge the strength of our faith in others and the world. Reality brings lessons we should heed to avoid further turmoil. A Venus Trine Mars transit on the 16th proves a better time for finding friends or a lover. We crave a physical connection, but not unless the relationship satisfies the heart and mind too.

Celebrate life! On the 19th, the Saturn Sextile Neptune transit has us turning our attention toward spiritual pursuits. The Sun Enters Aquarius on the 20th, encouraging freedom of expression. We are looking to stand out from the crowd. A Venus Conjunct Jupiter transit makes the 21st a wonderful day for money matters and romance!


The day is full of fast-paced energy and plenty of surprises. The energies of the day cloud our thinking. Our head spins as the day buzzes by. On the 24th, a Mercury Enters Aquarius transit has us thinking clear again. The Universe blesses us with brilliant insights. The 29th, the Sun Conjunct Mercury highlights important documents, contracts, and communication. In business, plans come together with ease. In love, we find we understand our partner better than ever. Ambitious-to-the-tenth-degree, you dive headlong into January with your head held high.

The first week of January provides you with the stamina to conquer your aims. Friendships form easily. On the 13th, a Mercury Conjunct Saturn transit lets you make the most of a leadership role at work; your critical thinking abilities are ready for skilled problem-solving. When your ruling planet forms a trine with Venus on the 16th, your desire for social interaction and entertainment multiplies. The 21st sees the arrival of a total lunar eclipse, making you feel generous.

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The Venus Conjunct Jupiter transit supports your enthusiasm in career and personal projects. Love and business run smoothly. Looking for love? Click to read all about Aries Compatibility! Get in-depth info about the Aries Man! Unravel the mystery of the Aries Woman! Have an Aries Daughter or Son? Click to read all about the Aries Child! In , you to continue reconstructing every aspect of your life.

Holistic studies, meditation, and connection with nature are all forefront on your mind. Look at January as setting the stage for all things to fall into place in February.

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Your internal world is the focus. Your outer world will shine next month. A solar eclipse partial occurs on the 6th triggering ongoing change in your emotional and mental states. Travel and adventure are highlights now. Creativity runs high.

The 16th, transiting Venus Trine Mars highlights love. You and your partner spend plenty of cuddle time together. A full lunar eclipse rounds on the 21st triggers a focus on self-improvement and wellness. When the Sun Enters Aquarius on the 20th, you couple the love of beauty and creativity with innovation.

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On the 29th, a Sun Conjunct Mercury transit has you more talkative and expressive. Your tight social circle expands. Your connection with family intensifies. Click to read all about Taurus Compatibility! Get in-depth info about the Taurus Man! Unravel the mystery of the Taurus Woman!

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Have a Taurus Daughter or Son? Click to read all about the Taurus Child! January 1st, a Sun Conjunct Saturn transit brings considerable success. A Mars in Aries influence this month gives you plenty of sexual charisma and high energy levels.

You are sensitive and empathetic. A partial solar eclipse on the 6th has you looking to stimulate your mind.

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The 10th, transiting Sun Conjunct Pluto has you trying to assume power in relationships. Be careful to avoid manipulation. A total lunar eclipse on the 21st puts your focus on being your best. From the 24th onward, communication is your focus. Click to read all about Gemini Compatibility! Get in-depth info about the Gemini Man!