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2 days ago Astrologer reveals where YOU should travel in based on your zodiac sign to travel; Revealed each traveller type, including Sagittarius being 'ultimate . December 22 - January 19 . Kate Kelly and Robin Pogrebin are the authors of the new book in which the allegation is described for the first time.

The only thing I can say that might be a problem at all would be sometimes sex is a little vanilla but when he wants to put in a little more effort its still the best. Just me Omg this is spot on!!

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Beauty 36 I am a Pisces I am dating an Aquarius. I was married to a Pisces and that was from hell. Now I am with an Aquarian and its like heaven. Alu Not for long! Alluallar Yeah, Not for long! Elena I'm a Virgo, Looking for love in all the wrong places and a friend front high school 4 years apart he's older is know a veteran with a purple heart. Well not the best Looking stud and know way over wait. Looking on here for the capability between Pisces and Virgo know he likes me and I'm not sure anymore of what I read. But I'll try it out.

Arowx I am a Pisces born March 3rd in love with a virgo girl born August 31st It's all good between us Sex life well.. Not always often cause she is always scared You know girls with sex in marriage things..

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I love her and I wanna marry her We cross path in almost all the important phases of our life From same university, same department to same vocational place of work to same place of national youth service You know But the gel breaker now is the religion! I a Muslim and she is a Christian and now I am a total stranger to her that she can't marry me We talk still have arguement. But looks on and off thing.. I have dated two virgos she being the second Virgos are really one sign to be with I love her and it's killing me cause she is withdrawing so much.

Pieces My birthday is March 3 too. Jen I'm a female Pisces, March 16, dealing with a Pisces male, March 15, it's heaven and hell. Not all Pisces are loyal but our sex is great. Plz pray for us that we become a as a great couple. Cecily Though this isn't on the subject, my mom is a cancer and I've never had a closer best friend. And my best friend that's my age is a Gemini and what they between a picses me and a gemini bff is true.

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She is exactly like that. And my ex that is an Aries is so true it's crazy. Tony Sakr It's suffering and torturing to be with Capricorn. Jamiece [quote]Message from Tony Sakr It's suffering and torturing to be with Capricorn. You would rather a water sign? Dee I am a Pisces and I was with my exhuband a Capricorn for 22 years, I never cheated on him ,I was faithful. In the end he was the unfaithful one. I never found out till the end.

That is why he is my exhusband now. You state that a Pisces will cheat on a Capricorn, it was the complete opposite. I also found out that wasn't his first time. You need to redue how you decide your calculations. Ida It's important to look at his mom sign and his rising sign Just a FYI. Fellow Picean I'm a Pisces and my ex husband was also a Capricorn and he was the one to cheat as well. Mili I knowwww I came on here to read on Pisces and Virgo.

Let's check the Virgo love compatibility and see if it's on theirs. Titilayo I'm a Leo female in a relationship with a Pisces,we love each other though we regularly quarrel,caused by me cause I don't think I trust him,especially about his past relationship. We even insult ourselves each time we quarrel. His Leo side makes him so mysterious, dominating and sexy so I love that. Dancinglady I'm Pisces and have been with a Gemini man for several years. Best relationship I've ever had!!!

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This combo Makes for a very unstable, untrustworthy situation with regard to a partnership Maturity may be a factor Momofboys I have had the exact same situation unfold. But we now have a son and are no longer together. He's far too selfish. Carl If you go to the Virgo page, there is a comparability text for Virgo-Pisces. Not a good mix. Mermaid i absolutely agree Tannu My compatibility with pisces seems very interesting also my lover is pisces I have a best guy friend that is a Cancer, he's super nice and all but I'm not sure I would ask.

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Nor do I think he will considering we always see each other as just friends. He cares for me a lot but even if I was to confront what should I say? Date me? In the begining it tells pisces are born on february 20th and march 20th. Whad does that mean? I need to find my love compatibility. Reply me soon. Thank you.

Jennifer If you were born in August, you're either a Leo or a Virgo. You can look this stuff up anywhere on the internet.

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Kylie you would be a virgo not a picese. Alice Jackson You can't be a Pisces if you were born in august. GeorgeS Where did you get that you are Pisces? This is my second relationship with a Pisces, even though the last one didn't work out due to cheating, I dealt with it.

It lasted only 7 months and we were living together. After that, I tried with others, and still, even though that one relationship was a lie, I was happiest in that beautiful lie. Obviously it ran it's course, but this second Pisces She's blown my mind with how understanding she is, even after I cheated on her twice.

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